EMW A9 & A10
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May 13th: both A9 (2nd stage) and A10(1st) are available. They are sold seperately.
Prices------A9: 44euros------ A10: 90euros
I have design this kit for the second stage being easy removable from the first stage.
If you already have a A9 (it has been available as injected plastic, but its now sold out)
you can use it with the Sharkit A10.
The A10 comes with a large base. Its engine (exactly its combustion chamber) is very close in shape and dimension to a A4/V2 engine (for instance for the DRAGON A4/V2)
If you are interested in this part alone, let me know. Renaud

Left: about all the A10 parts (the vacu were missing when I took the picture)

Below: boxart

Left: view from 1944 or 45...

Just below: masteers of the A9 and A10 along work.

The second ans first stage will be easely removable.

Left: detail of the Sharkit A9 instruction sheet.

Left: the original Sharkit boxart.

below: some the A9 model parts