Horten "X"XIIIb
Limited edition Luft 46 kit ; 1/72 scale. Price eur48
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Horten X Supersonic Delta-Wing
The Horten X (XIIIb) was a Top Secret project that was stillunder development when World War II ended in May 1945.
The single-seat fighter was to be a mixed propulsion aircraftpowered by a both an He S-011 turbojet and a Walter rocket engine. Theaircraft was expected to break the sound barier in a steep dive and thenmaintain supersonic level flight during combat. Engineers calculated thatthe plane would achieve a top speed of Mach 1.4.
The project began with the construction of a full-sized gliderwith a 70-degree nose-angle wing to investigate subsonic handling and landingproblems. The glider was almost finished when it was destroyed in 1945by advancing Allied troops.

Kit box-art

[mounted kit]
This is one of our first - and still most popular - models.Click here for front view and sideview plan, from the kit instructions. You will have to fill and sandthe body/wing junctions and use metal wire for the main landing gear legsbecause the model is a bit heavy.
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