1/6 scale
Ex-DDR  squad support weapon prototype

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In 1990 the NVA ( "Nationale Volksarmee" was the army of East Germany, German Democratic Republic ) was merged into the Bundeswehr and much equipment was sold.
A set of experimental infantry weapons in various development stage, considered without interest  by the authorities, was save from junk by an individual.

The set contained spare parts, dummy guns, projectiles, and grenade/rocket launchers; all this probably intented for ergonomics studies and manipulations.
No documents were include, exept a Sig 510 manual (Sturm Gewehr 57) from the West.
The set may be dated probably early 70ths.
Up: loading rocket by the rear
It is not clear if the weapon choses for the kit realisation was fully fonctionnal or not.
The weapon is a combo of a light machine gun and a grenade/rocket launcher wich may be compatible with Soviet RPG-7 rockets, maybe a  modified PG-7V rocket.

Dummy small 40mm grenade were also to be load in the launcher tube.
The gas exhaust would occure at the rear of the weapon, up the operator's shoulder, after having followed a twin tube located each side of the rifle. The nozzle was removable.
The rifle itself is bullpup design, firing 7.62 x 54 mm R ammunition from a round magazine.
Up: detail from the kit instruction sheet.
The barrel is a brass tube, the 40mm launcher an aluminium tube.
The bipod is to be made from brass wire and tube provide.
The other parts are resin.
Some small and very simple parts are to be made from plasticard.
Every button is detailed and its function noted on the instruction sheet.
The magazine is removable. The launcher slid and rotate along the barrel for loading by the rear.
At least one 40mm ammunition, wich fit in the tube, is include.
The hollow antitank charge is made from two resin parts and an alumium tube.
Most of the parts fit together in.